In tonight's Evening Edition, read about farmers' crop progress across the states, a Russian attack on a Ukrainian ag commodities terminal, and Brazil's grain crop. Crop Progress Matt Miles, farmer and XtremeAg member in Arkansas says, "We... (full story)

XtremeAg’s Kelly Garrett, Matt Miles, and Kevin Matthews spend the week focused on getting their crop through heat stress, heavy rain, and increased weed pressure. READ MORE: 94% of corn in the ground with soybeans at 78%, USDA... (full story)

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about the latest USDA Crop Progress Report, the highest-ever ethanol mandate, and Ukraine grain exports. Crop Progress The USDA released its 10th Crop Progress report Monday afternoon. The report pegged... (full story)

As of Sunday, the report pegged corn planted at 94%, compared with 92% for the previous five-year average; 78% has emerged compared with 81% for the previous five-year average. Read the full report here. (full story)

By Claire Carlson Bipartisan legislation in the U.S. Senate to better regulate the meatpacking industry is designed to keep large agricultural corporations from gouging both farmers and consumers, sponsors say. READ MORE:?House panel... (full story)

As part of an effort to “re-set and strengthen” the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS), the EPA set the corn ethanol mandate at its highest level ever, 15.25 billion gallons, for this year. Ethanol is cheaper than gasoline at present, so biofuel backers... (full story)

In the debate over how to use agricultural lands to sequester carbon and help mitigate climate change, no-till and cover cropping get most of the attention. But studies are starting to show that grazed perennial pastures, where the soil is rarely... (full story)

If you are a producer who wants to take part in the 2022 Census of Agriculture, you have until June 30 to sign up. Taken only once every five years by the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NAAS), the census provides a complete count of... (full story)

In this Evening Edition, read about mandates and financial support for biofuel producers, the upcoming USDA Grain Stocks and Acreage Reports, and the turkey supply. USDA Grain Stocks and Acreage Reports On June 30, the USDA releases its... (full story)

U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the Department has provided $700 million to help lower costs and support biofuel producers who faced unexpected market losses due to the COVID-19 pandemic. READ... (full story)

Bird flu will have a “meaningful impact” on turkey supplies in coming months, said the head of Hormel Foods, the second-largest turkey processor in the country, on Thursday. Chief executive?Jim Snee?said Hormel anticipated “large supply gaps” for its... (full story)

When 1,000 consumers were asked who they trusted in the food system, farmers were the clear winners, said the economists overseeing the new?Gardner Food and Agricultural Policy Survey?on Thursday. Participants gave farmers an average score of 5.6 on... (full story)

After surging nearly 13% during the eat-at-home early days of the pandemic, sales of organic food rose by less than 2% in 2021, as Americans abandoned pantry loading, said the?Organic Trade Association?(OTA) on Thursday. Sales of organic food totaled... (full story)

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about investments to transform the U.S. food system, carbon market enrollment, and weather across the Corn Belt. U.S. Food System The pandemic exposed the weaknesses of a food system built around... (full story)

Despite having the most intense areas of drought in the Corn Belt, some Kansas farmers are struggling to find a break in the weather long enough to wrap up the planting season.? "We are 100% done with corn and about 20% complete with soybeans,"... (full story)

The pandemic exposed the weaknesses of a food system built around large-volume production and national supply chains, said Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Wednesday. As a remedy, he said, the USDA would help independent processors start up or... (full story)

by Jared Strong The Biden administration has set aside billions of dollars to help the nation’s food supply chain recover from the coronavirus pandemic — and, more recently, the looming global effects of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine — and on... (full story)

by Clark Kauffman The family of an Iowa meatpacking plant employee who died from COVID-19 is suing JBS Swift Pork, alleging the company and other industry leaders ignored years of warnings about the threat a pandemic might pose to their... (full story)

In this Evening Edition, catch up on the latest news about commodity prices, ethanol blending mandates, and the global food crisis. Commodity Prices Boom Electrified by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, commodity prices are sky high, with soybean... (full story)

Electrified by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, commodity prices are sky high, with soybean futures topping $16.80 a bushel and the USDA forecasting the highest-ever farm-gate price for wheat. But high prices for corn, wheat and soybeans are far more... (full story)

In this Evening Edition, catch up on the latest news about the planting season, avian influenza, and the supply of late-model balers. Crop Progress In the USDA Crop Progress report released today, data shows corn and soybeans catching up to... (full story)

XtremeAg’s Lee Lubbers and Chad Henderson are just days away from finishing 2022 planting season and then focusing on their wheat crop. LEE LUBBERS?– GREGORY, SOUTH DAKOTA Lee Lubbers of?Gregory, South Dakota,?grew up in the farming... (full story)

Nearly 38 million birds in domestic flocks have died in outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) from coast to coast since early February, but USDA data suggest the threat is fading. With one day to go in May, losses for the month were... (full story)

Because cold, wet weather has delayed planting this spring, producers may be looking at alternatives like broadcast seeding crops. If they decide to go this route, producers may request an Unrated Practice or Type (TP) written agreement through their... (full story)

A new prescription treatment for bovine respiratory disease (BRD), foot rot, and pinkeye is now available for veterinarians from Merck Animal Health. AROVYN – a tulathromycin injection – is an FDA-approved antibiotic for use in cattle as well as... (full story)

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read about the record U.S. farm exports, cost-share for soil health and water quality practices, and an oddball of a tractor up for auction. U.S. Farm Exports The U.S. will export a record $191 billion worth of... (full story)

At a visit to mass timber development in Iowa this week, Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack emphasizes how the financial support of climate-smart USDA programs are helping to achieve carbon sequestration while creating jobs in rural... (full story)

Farmers and landowners can now sign up for state cost-share funds in Iowa. These funds help farmers adopt soil health and water quality practices, including planting cover crops, transitioning acres to no-till/strip-till soil management or applying a... (full story)

A new Pit Monitoring Stick from AP – the equipment production branch of AGCO – lets producers see manure pit data in real time and assists them in making more effective decisions about pumping schedules. Traditionally, manure levels are calculated... (full story)

Republican senators slammed the Biden administration on Thursday for high inflation nationwide and said the USDA should free American farmers to plant as much land as they want to avert a potential food crisis. “We’re all hammered with” inflation,... (full story)

The United States will export a record $191 billion worth of agricultural products this fiscal year as the world scrambles to replace the corn, wheat, and vegetable oil it would normally get from Russia and Ukraine, said the Agriculture Department on... (full story)

In tonight’s Evening Edition, read the latest about Conservation Reserve Program contract terminations, cover crop funding, and the weather’s effect on planting progress. Conservation Reserve Program Contracts The USDA will allow Conservation... (full story)

In my part of north central Kansas, farmland does not sell very often. And when it does, there is plenty of competition. Therefore, I was torn when two tracts totaling nearly 200 acres near Randall, Kansas in Jewell County sold May 25. READ... (full story)

Bird flu outbreaks are driving up egg and poultry meat prices far faster than usual, with eggs expected to cost 20% more and poultry 9% more this year than their 2021 averages, said the Agriculture Department on Wednesday. USDA economists raised... (full story)

Accusing Canada of backsliding on its commitments, the United States requested consultations on Wednesday with its northern neighbor over dairy import quotas that limit American access to the Canadian market. U.S. trade representative?Katherine... (full story)

Poultry farmers would have more protection against abuse by processors under a USDA proposal to revamp the “tournament” system that pits producers against each other in a competition for income, said the Biden administration on Thursday. The... (full story)

The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation announced $2.6 million in grants on Wednesday to help farmers plant cover crops across 500,000 acres in Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, and Minnesota. READ MORE: From seed to soil, cover... (full story)

In tonight’s Evening Edition, catch up on the latest news about the UAW strike, potential for summer extreme weather, and funding to expand rural businesses. UAW Strike Editor Alex Gray reports on the fourth week of the strike by UAW workers... (full story)

Now entering their fourth week on strike, over 1,100 UAW workers at the Racine, Wisconsin, and Burlington, Iowa, plants for CNH Industrial will remain on strike after UAW leaders refused a deal with the company. Strike negotiations CNH and... (full story)

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that the Department is investing?$770 million to help create new and better market opportunities for rural businesses and people in 36 states and Puerto Rico. The... (full story)

The monarch butterfly is imperiled by the loss of food and habitat as well as climate change, but an expansion in its winter hibernation area was “a sign of recovery — albeit a fragile one,” the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) said in an annual... (full story)

House Agriculture chairman David Scott easily won nomination for his 11th term in Congress from a suburban Atlanta district, defeating three challengers during Georgia’s primary elections on Tuesday. In Arkansas, Sen. John Boozman, the senior... (full story)

by Jennifer Shutt WASHINGTON — Another grueling summer disaster season is arriving, and the Federal Emergency Management Agency is under intense pressure even as its portfolio balloons, it pleads for more money from Congress, and criticism comes... (full story)

In the village of Kienka near Chernihiv, a tractor hit a Russian TM-62M anti-tank mine during field work. The mine, which can be placed mechanically or by hand, was triggered by the vehicle and exploded. The tractor operator was taken to the hospital... (full story)

The United States and a dozen nations, from Japan in the north to Australia in the south, launched the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) on Monday, built on common interests in the digital economy, climate change, economic resilience, and clean... (full story)

In tonight’s Evening Edition, catch up on the latest planting season progress across the country, the ethanol mandate, and cost-share programs available for irrigation with nitrogen management. Planting Progress The USDA released its eighth... (full story)

Kevin Matthews and Kelly Garrett look to wrap up planting this week as Matt Miles deals with his first wind-event of the season in southeast Arkansas. MATT MILES - MCGEHEE, ARKANSAS Matt Miles is a fourth-generation farmer in southeast... (full story)

Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in women. One in five women will have a stroke in their lifetime, and 55,000 more women than men will have one each year, according to the American Stroke Association. For many of those women – like Pam... (
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The trade group Growth Energy?sued the EPA?last month because it was far behind schedule in setting the ethanol mandate for 2023, the first year the agency has a free hand in drafting the regulation. A consent decree, if approved, would resolve the... (full story)